You Dig the Look But Will A Retro Motorcycle Helmet Protect Your Brainpan?

It is, without question, a very cool look that harkens back to the days of the Ton Up and the real road racers, but are “retro” helmets capable of doing more than simply looking fine?

Well, for the most part, the answer would be a qualified “Yes.” Although actual vintage helmets were more than adequate to protect your brainstem in the event you took a header into the side of a hay bale, doing a full-on head-butt afgainst the side of someone’s Chevy Volt might be a whole ‘nother matter, Amigo.

At any rate, here a few examples of modern helmets capable of delivering the maximum brain protection money can buy but which feature that all-important style and old-school cachet you’re craving to let the world know you’re a traditionalist…

Helmet Hair

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1.So you’re going full-on Easy Rider, eh? Fulmer Helmets takes you back to that first helmet you had years ago, but it’s new and for sale right now. The three-quarter Fulmer V2, available in gold, blue, red, silver and the stars-and-stripes “Easy Rider”  is pure, authentic Hippy. A throwback to a simpler time. A tad light on the thick foam interior padding we’re used to, it does have a fit  and the lack of padding makes the helmet sit lower on your head. It’s a DOT-approved open face motorcycle helmet with some sweet perforated leather trim. Three-snap visor and UV-protective with a since coat of clear to finish. A loop and snap on the back keep a pair of goggles in place.

Price: $89.95-$109.95

2. Tonup, it is. The Davida Classic is pure class. Every Davida is hand built with all the features of a Fifties racing helmet. They’re small and they were – at least back in the day – state of the art manufacturing for motorcycle racers. It does not, sadly, conform to any current helmet safety standards, so DOT be damned. The Classic features a real leather interior with an adjustable two-tier cotton webbed harness plus a quilted leather neck curtain lock-stitched to the inside of the shell. A goggle retainer strap in the back and has  an adjustable-screw nose bridge to ensure an individual fit.  Shaped to give maximum peripheral vision, the goggles come with clear, smoked and yellow lenses.

Price: $294.95 (helmet, two-tone), $145 (goggles).

3. The N-30 Flashback helmet from Nolan is a fun, retro, DOT-approved helmet that’s loaded with features. The lid has a fully removable and washable interior, an optically correct light-blue face shield that offers UV400 protection, Nolan’s Microlock adjustable quick release retention system, and a velour removable neck curtain and padded chin strap. A comfortable helmet, we also liked its shield hinges, which feature nice action that doesn’t feel cheap like on many less expensive helmets. Also available in flat black/cream, metal lava/grey, flat azure (baby blue)/cream, and flat pink/cream, all with the great old-school Nolan logo.

4. This classic three-quarter helmet, the Jimmy Retro Stripe from Z1R Helmets, is DOT-approved and a throwback gorgeously finished with white and silver stripes over an orange base. Featuring dual forehead vents, a comfortable brushed nylon interior, a padded chinstrap and a three-snap bubble visor, this puppy is comfortable, well-made, and has a five snap design to accept most face shields. Available in black/silver and white/red and surprisingly cheap.

5. The CL-31 Racer II helmet from HJC is new-school helmet under an old-school paint job. A three-quarter lid just happens to be Snell and DOT approved and features HJC’s Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. What is that, you ask? Well, according to the company, it provides full front-to-back airflow to flush heat and humidity up and out of the helmet. It even comes with a three-snap visor.

Price: $99.99 (XXL and XXXL, $104.99)

6. This one is hot. It looks a little like a pilot’s helmet, but with an Italian flair. Hand-made in Italy, the MOMO Design Essenziale helmet features a minimalist design that looks – like many Italian-designed products – as if it belongs in a museum. Featuring a removable, optically-correct scratch-resistant visor mounted on a steel frame and wrapped with stainless steel and laser-etched MOMO Design logo, this steel frame gives the visor awesomely-smooth action. The really good news? It’s not just about looks and the MDE is DOT-approved. Top it all off with the fact that the helmet has  a soft, comfortable liner,  and comes  in orange, black and baby blue matte rubberized finishes, and you have the Ferrari of helmets.

Price: $395

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