Yamaha R1 Dirt Tracker

Thanks to everyone who told us about this video. This is Wade Boyd. I interviewed him at the Isle of Man TT in 2007. He had purple hair. A fast bike racing California hippie, he’s decided to try race an R1 on dirt. Needless to say it’s fast in a straight line, but the 17s and whatever kind of tyres he is using (cut slicks?) are really holding him back in this video. Be interested to see if he develops it.
Our friend Krumpledick said
I thought of you when I last saw Wade at Sacramento. He’s raced sidecars, Isle of Man, and kicked ass a couple of years back on a 21″ front wheeled Kawasaki at the Stockton Mile. A character that might fit in with your tilt at Sideburn.’ G
Photo via Kneeslider

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