Where Is It Safe To Ride Your Motorcycle? Probably Nowhere, But These Cities Offer You the Best Chance

The Allstate Insurance Company  released its seventh annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report,”  and the report  ranks America’s 200 largest cities in terms of car collision frequency and which have the safest drivers.

If you’re riding your bike through Fort Collins, Colo., take heart. For the second year in the row, Fort Collins claimed the top spot as the safest place to drive.

Allstate says the average driver in Fort Collins only cracks up his car every 14 years, and that makes drivers there 28.6 percent less likely to run into you than average drivers in other cities. The national average? One crack-up every 10 years.

“Each year we hope the report will increase awareness on the importance of being tolerant and attentive behind the wheel,” said Mike Roche of Allstate’s Claim Organization.

Allstate says crashes in general have declined over the last few years, but crash fatalities still average more than 32,000 every year. Even with the technological advances in car and motorcycle manufacturing, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stats are sobering at best.

“It’s vital for us to educate American drivers about safe driving behaviors they can demonstrate on the road that will help make our roadways safer,” said Roche.

Allstate driver safety tips:

  • Minimize distractions - Talking on your cell phone, text messaging, changing a radio station, putting on makeup? All no-nos if you want to be a safe and responsible driver.
  • Be aware of road conditions - Ice, snow, fog and rain require extra caution and slower speeds.
  • Leave a safe distance between your car and others  – Maintain one car length space between your car and the vehicle in front of you for every 10 miles per hour of speed you’re traveling. 
  • Maintain your vehicle – Make sure your car’s brakes, exhaust system, tires, lights, battery and hoses are in good working order, and if you’re a motorcyclist, pay particular attention to your tires and wheels.

The Top Ten Safest Places to Drive and Ride


City & Overall Ranking
Collision Likelihood
Compared to National
Average Years
Between Collisions
1. Fort Collins, Colo.28.6% less likely14.0
2. Boise, Idaho25.5% less likely13.4
3. Lincoln, Neb.22.7% less likely12.9
4. Chandler, Ariz.20.4% less likely12.6
5. Huntsville, Ala.18.9% less likely12.3
6. Knoxville, Tenn.18.3% less likely12.2
7. Springfield, Mo.17.9% less likely12.2
8. Reno, Nev.16.6% less likely12.0
9. Eugene, Ore.16.3% less likely11.9
10. Chattanooga, Tenn.16.3% less likely11.9


Additional “Road” Scholars

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that drivers in U.S. cities with populations of one million or more are much more likely than the national average to be involved in a crash.

The big cities where you’re a little safer on your bike:

City & Overall Ranking
Collision Likelihood
Compared to National
Average Years
Between Collisions
55. Phoenix, Ariz.1.1% more likely10.1
117. San Diego, Calif.12.7% more likely8.9
142. San Antonio, Texas23.3% more likely8.1
155. Houston, Texas28.7% more likely7.8
157. Chicago, Ill.30.0% more likely7.7
167. Dallas, Texas32.9% more likely7.5
171. New York, N.Y.37.6% more likely7.3
182. Los Angeles, Calif.50.8% more likely6.6
188. Philadelphia, Pa.60.2% more likely6.2


To view the complete Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report: www.allstatenewsroom.com

There are precious few places in the world where people pay attention to you while you’re riding your motorcycle.

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