Video of the Shooting At Hells Angel Funeral

Multiple sources say Steve Tausan, a member of the Santa Cruz chapter of the Hells Angels, Tausan allegedly punched another biker at the funeral, who retaliated by shooting and killing Tausan.

Tausan was on hand at the Oak Hill Cemetery to attend the funeral for Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew, the president of the San Jose Hells Angels chapter. Pettigrew was killed last month by a member of a rival motorcycle club The Vagos at a casino in Sparks, Nevada.

San Jose police received calls at 12:50 p.m. reporting shots heard in the cemetery said Officer Jose Garcia. He added that police are now watching the headquarters of the Hells Angels in San Jose and other areas frequented by bikers in an attempt to head off further trouble.

Garcia said the shooting suspect may have fled, and the chaos at the scene aided his escape.

Asked if the shooter may have been attacked  as some witnesses reported and then shielded or hidden by Tausan’s friends, Garcia added, “It’s possible.”


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