Vagos Versus Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang Squareoff Leaves One Dead In Nevada

One biker is dead and two others wounded in a shooting at a hotel-casino in Sparks, Nevada that witnesses say involved members of motorcycle gangs the Vagos and Hell’s Angels.

“It’s a tough situation, I hope people out there won’t judge the motorcycle community by the incident last night,” Sparks Mayor Geno Martini told a news conference.

Sparks police said the fatal shooting at John Ascuaga’s Nugget occurred about midnight Friday.

Daniel Sharp of Stockton, Calif., told the Reno Gazette-Journal he was at the Nugget for the Street Vibrations biker festival when a group of Vagos club members came in.

Sharp said a single Hell’s Angel then entered, soon followed by several more. Within five minutes, Sharp said a fight erupted and shots rang out.

Police Lt. Pete Krall says authorities are investigating different motorcycle clubs but declined to name them.

The Vagos Motorcycle Club, like the Hell’s Angels, first came together in San Bernardino, CA in the 1960’s. Club members generally wear green and represent themselves with a patch featuring the Norse god Loki riding a motorcycle. The Vagos have something like 24 chapters, mostly chartered in the western United States, and three in Mexico.

The Vagos came onto the radar of the FBI and the ATF for allegedly producing vast quantities of methamphetamine, and engaging in such frowned-upon activities as murder, money laundering and weapons violations to protect their operations.

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