Tragedy Leaves Five Charitable Bikers Dead in Tennessee

Noxious fumes from a faulty generator setup leaked into a recreational vehicle and killed three men and two women at a biker festival. The group was at the Bikers Who Care festival to raise money for needy children.

Police are investigating the deaths but added that no foul play was suspected.

The director of the Bikers Who Care event at Clarksville Speedway, Bill Langford, said he was baffled by the deaths.

Fumes from the generator entered a small storage hatch on the RV allowing them to leak inside the vehicle.

Other bikers who found the bodies had to be hospitalized after feeling dizzy and light-headed when they entered the RV and discovered the bodies.

All of the victims were from the Clarksville area about 40 miles northwest of Nashville.

Police were not immediately certain that carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of the deaths and said that would have to be determined by the coroner.

Photo by The Leaf-Chronicle, Luke Thomspson

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