the last few days…

have been quite special, to say the least. I couldn’t say any words the other night…but then you all know i prefer not to talk in those situations, so here are my thoughts for you.

Holy Shitbags…The response to the MACHINE video all around the world has been totally overwhelming for not only me, my wife and the dog, but also for the whole team involved in the making of the thing.
What started as a single idea about some nice riding shots caught on film turned into something way more….and i’m very happy it did.
First thankyou must go to Mat Harrington. A new found mate who I already consider a close friend, whose idea it was to start this ball rolling. You, my dear friend are a jewel in the night sky, ready to shine bright over the world. Thank you for your dedication to this project and for your constant ability to see the funny side in anything that we do. Im sure that we will be working together for some time in the future…or at least i hope we will….I find you totally inspiring to be around and i think we make a formidable team.
Dave Rusanow and Paul Mason, you two men were integral to this thing getting the momentum it needed to fly. Your presence here at the shed over those three days was a delight. Perfect photography, with those special angles that make the difference in the final product… guys were all over that. Total professionals. The audience can see that clear as the night sky over the tablelands. Cheers blokes.
Ceinwen Berry, what a dynamo you are. No-one can question that beautiful editing. I know from what Mat has told me that your unwavering ability to crisply and decisively sort the good from the bad, the necessary from the not needed, have shown through in the strength of the final product. I thank you.
Surya Bajracharya, you bro are one of those individuals that people cant help but love. Your soft and gentle reasonable way holds a lesson for us all. Your artistic expression is an inspiration to those around you and for your music included in the film i thank you from the bottom of my heart. Karuna, your the first bloke i met in this town. I thought “this guy doesn’t make a bad coffee!”… Not as good as me… but not bad. Thanks for all your help on this one and for supporting your brother while he got this music down.
Damien Drew, you instigated this,,… of my oldest friends 20 years in i thank you for putting Matt and I in contact, and for being here even though I know I’m a pain in the arse half the time.
To the rest of the crew, my thanks for your dedication and love of your work which helped us put this video together. Looking back there is not one single thing I would change.

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