The Future of Motorcycles Is A Unicycle? The Ryno Monowheel Motorcycle

The sort of  transportation we choose; the tool we select to get from here to there, calls for making a highly personal and subjective decision.

If you’re a more sociable sort than most, you might decide to take the bus or the train. If you need a place to put on your makeup or eat breakfast on the way to work, you’ll pick a car, most likely one which you believe in some way reflects the wonderfulness of who you are on the inside.

People like my friend, Rob Kirkbride, choose the healthy approach and walk when they can. Some, those in a greener mode,  choose a bicycle to take them wherever they have to go.

If you’re a rebel, a loner or simply a greasemonkey like me, you’ll choose a motorcycle.

I love the feel of being out in the wind on a bike. I like the way it makes my senses go on full alert.

This, however, doesn’t seem like a motorcycle to me, and by this I refer to a monowheel motorcycle from the creative people Ryno Motors.

They company announced that it will begin production of a monowheel motorcycle that, should you think it’s a good idea, will sell for the startlingly low price of $4,200 American Cash Money. Using roughly the same technology which propels the Segway, the company decided to jack up the horsepower involved.

Inventor Chris Hoffmann put together a “motorcycle”  which stands about hip-high and features a single bulky wheel beneath a wide seat and handlebar set. At this point, there’s only one, but his Vancouver, Washington, start-up, Ryno Motors, says it will be in production by early next year.

Hoffmann’s futuristic bike is capable of 20 miles per hour and sports a stated range of up to 30 miles per charge.

“What can you build that fits through the cracks of our existing infrastructure? This is small, strong, and has personality,” Hoffmann said.

Once mounted, the micro-cycle feels stable side to side, with a Segway-like self-balancing mechanism. To accelerate, you lean forward; to stop, using a hand brake tilts you back into an upright position and you put your feet down.

You’d be hard pressed to call it boring, but you’d also be quite a loose cannon if you ran out and bought one.

While it does look impressive in a Star Wars kind of way, it’s hard to imagine riding one.  It kind of brings to mind what my friends and I regularly employ as a short of shorthand to mean, ‘don’t be seen on one;’  the  “The Moped Joke Reference.”

I find it difficult to believe that I wouldn’t look almost exactly like a trained bear from a circus riding one of these, but maybe one fine day, The Ryno Monocycle it will be all the rage.

Like bellbottom jeans…


Click here to view the embedded video.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Whether you ride a sport bike, an American cruiser or a Monowheeled Ryno, your insurance needs can get complicated.

We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance, whatever you ride…

Ryno monowheel motorcycle

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