The 8 Coolest Fictional Motorcycle Gangs

Motorcycle gangs certainly look cool (and intimidating) with their leather jackets, bandanas, and iron butts that endure long, grueling days on the road. But many of these biker groups, especially in movies, are really filled with cruel villains who kill and rape to get their way, which is decidedly uncool. Bikers are easy for Hollywood to use as bad guys since there’s no character development required, but occasionally, films and TV shows give us a gang that’s a little bit different than the rest. Here are the eight best fake motorcycle gangs.

  1. Sons of Anarchy

    The Sons of Anarchy on the FX show Sons of Anarchy are a tough but loveable group of ruffians. Sure, they deal arms illegally and challenge law enforcement weekly, but many of their actions are based on their strong family and community ties. The lead trio of the gang is made up of a son, mother, and stepfather who will do anything to protect each other and the group. Their small, idyllic California town is also something they aim to preserve, and they are actually seen as community heroes for running out drug dealers and corporate developers. The world could use more heroes in leather, even if they are fictional.

  2. Satan’s Helpers

    This biker gang’s feelings toward Pee-wee Herman in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure are not unlike the thoughts you probably once had about the bow-tied guy with the strange voice. At first, you can’t stand him, but he grows on you as you see more of his crazy antics. The guys in Satan’s Helpers were rightly upset that Pee-wee barged into their club, shushed them, and then knocked over their bikes domino-style. Before killing him, they do the honorable thing and grant him his last request, which is dancing on a table to the song Tequila. Of course, this wins the gang over, as it would any cool group of dudes, and they selflessly give Pee-wee a motorcycle to continue his journey.

  3. The Victors

    Hell Ride is a movie about classic motorcycle gang rivalry with lots of death and gore to spare. It is Quentin Tarantino, after all. But the Victors aren’t all about blood and guts. Sure, they’re seeking violent revenge on the group of bikers that killed some of their members and that is inching in on their turf, but they do it all with clever one-liners and good-natured ribbing (and guns). The leaders of the Victors aren’t young punks trying to prove themselves; they’ve earned their scars and are protecting their pride. There’s something to be said for older guys who can still hold their own and go out in style.

  4. Knightriders

    The Knightriders, in the movie appropriately titled Knightriders, aren’t the kind of cool that you would traditionally find in a biker gang. This gang — called a troupe — travels around the country jousting on motorcycles. Yes, jousting. The gang has a king and they ride in suits of armor, like proper knights. Though the gang has to yield to commercial interests and there is inevitably infighting, members are noble enough to peacefully crown a new king when it’s time. It’s a gang with chivalrous, Arthurian values. And most would agree that carrying a sword is way cooler than a concealed handgun.

  5. Hell’s Satans

    If Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders are in a motorcycle gang, you know it’s going to be good. Or at least funny. Homer’s version of Hell’s Satans comes about after he and Marge win a Harley Davidson in a dance competition and he invites Moe, Lenny, Carl, and Ned to join his new gang. Making them an even more unique motorcycle gang, some of the motorcycles are actually lawnmowers or motorbikes. Hell’s Satans is also the name of another awesome fake biker gang from Bakersfield that comes to reak havoc on the Simpsons, and the members have excellent nicknames like Meathook (voiced by John Goodman) and Ramrod (voiced by Henry Winkler). Either way you go, Hell’s Satans is pretty awesome.

  6. The Black Rebels

    You’d be hard pressed to find a gang of tough guys today that uses slang like “daddy-o,” “square,” and “keen,” but the Black Rebels in 1953′s The Wild One can pull it off, mainly because they’ve got Marlon Brando as their leader. When they’re not annoying cops and causing relatively harmless mayhem, the guys are dancing with girls to juke box tunes and teaching cool handshakes to old men. The Black Rebels eventually get mixed up in some trouble with another gang and are run out of town, but not before the policeman’s daughter (and all the other women in America) fall for Brando’s character Johnny.

  7. Dreadnoks

    Even though we all love G.I. Joes, you’ve got to hand it to the villainous Dreadnoks; they’re definitely creative. Most motorcycle gangs stick to intimidation and their fists to deal with those who cross them, but the Dreadnoks are constantly coming up with new weapons and ways to disguise themselves. Any group that uses holograms on their motorcycles to confuse their enemies and alligators to beat each other silly is a group worth mentioning. The Dreadnoks might be a little violent and come off as unintelligent, but their obvious nicknames and hilarious bullying methods make them worthy opponents of the Joes. Plus, their commander, Zartan, wears make-up fit for a member of Kiss.

  8. The Lords of Flatbush

    The Lords of Flatbush, from the movie of the same title, aren’t strictly a motorcycle gang, but they do prefer motorcycles as their mode of transportation. And if you’re discussing cool gangs, you can’t leave out one that includes both Henry Winkler and Sylvester Stallone. The teenage thugs wear leather jackets, steal cars, and chase girls as they learn the ins and outs of life in Brooklyn. They don’t do anything too crazy or take anyone’s lives (though they do play keep-away with a girl’s school books), but the laid-back ’50s rebels are definitely cooler than most gangs we see today.

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