That’s Going To Leave A Mark – Motorcycle Cop Runs Over Occupy Wall Street Protester

Well, it’s more of a scooter than a motorcycle, and the guy writhing on the group appears be sort of a – for lack of a better phrase – Drama Queen – but it is what it is.

Police have used  mace on the Wall Street Protesters, and I’d say getting maced (not that I’ve ever done that) is probably much worse than having a small scooter bump into you. At any rate, this very, very low-speed collision looks like it was an accident, at least on the cop’s part.

The cop could pretty easily have set upon the guy with his night stick, put the boot in and dealt with the crowd later, but I think he showed remarkable restraint. Another officer at the scene was a little less measured in his response as he started swinging his night stick and pretty much ignored the guy under the scooter.

For the most part, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have remained non violent and have repeated their mantra that “cops are not the enemy.”

That is an excellent stance as it’s not really a good idea to have the cops as your enemy…

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