Thanks Davida, Knox, Dainese…

I’m currently on an amazing Moto Aventures 5000km riding trip being led by Charley Boorman from Cape Town, through Namibia and into Zambia. On day two of a 16-day trip, 2km from the hotel for the night, I crashed. This is pretty unusual for me. I slide out of dirt track races all the time, but I haven’t crashed on the road for a decade or more.

30 seconds before impact I was having the time of my life, riding in incredible scenery, high on life, then I made a wrong decision. The result was one less BMW 1200 GS on the planet. But, thanks to the fine riding products of a few companies, there are just as many Sideburn editors left as there were before.

So, I would like to thank the fine helmets of Davida (check out the damage); the superb Cross Shirt and Cross shorts from Knox and the lovely Dainese leather jacket and gloves. They did their jobs better than they could be expected and I’m still wearing them now, eight days later (I should really try avoid crashing in that lid again, though).

They saved my skin in impressive style.

Remember kids, motorsickles is dangerous. It only takes a second to eat shit. G.

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