Tav Falco

hi guys,
quick heads up for this gig tomorrow night, the 15th – Tav Falco and the Panther Burns at 100 club London, remember them- interviewed in the old Road Rocket mag? leader Tav from memphis was/ is an old brit bike fan, covered “She’s a Bad Motorcycle” ” Dateless Night” lots of good original tunes and also made movies about bike gangs/ drag racing back in the day, did anyone see the films at the Horse Hospital a while ago ? I missed them, anyhow.
my old mate Marc who is coming down from Glasgow for it and knows about these things says they’ll be doing their first album” behind the magnolia curtain”
- kind of Crampsy raw rockabilly & blues covers mostly, pretty classic.
Give us a shout of your going, aftershow party in hoxton somewhere with Tav himself Dj ing,
cheers, Chris Watson

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