Take A Ride With the Barhopper

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Yeah, it’s the rust belt. The roads all suck. The infrastructure’s crumbling. You have to bust your ass to find a job.

And keeping it? Well, it’s just something you have to do no matter how bad the gig is…

But people have been living here for a long, long time, and the cops pretty much leave you alone. Houses don’t cost too much, and if you find the right places to hang, the whiskey, beer and wine are dirt cheap and they work real fine to take the edge off.

And there’s always the bike when it gets ugly. A couple of hours on the road out and back can clear your head and leave your ears ringing in a special way, and maybe that’s enough. Like the man said, “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand…”

The people here appreciate machines, even if damn few of us get to make them anymore, and they always have to be fixed, so there’s that anyway.

Why a bike? Why hang your ass out over the edge? Take a chance at doing a header into the side of a Chevy Volt at seventy, and all for kicks? I’ll leave it to these people to tell you, Amigo…

This is The Barhopper Challenge, I’m the Barhopper and I always ask one the question: Why do you ride?

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