SOA Back In the Saddle

Sons of Anarchy rolled out the show’s premier for the 4th season last night, and we have eight video clips from the new season for you to check out…

Season Preview

SOA is back for an all new season HERE.

Sneak Peek

Watch an exclusive scene from the all new season of Sons of Anarchy HERE.

Bike Mechanic

Check out the bikes from Sons of Anarchy HERE.

Production Design

Go behind the scenes of SOA and get an inside look into the show’s set and production design HERE.

Make Up

The bruises of SOA tell a story. Go behind the scenes and see how the show creates the gruesome makeup effects HERE.


Go behind the scenes of the biker style of SOA HERE.

Charlie’s Prison Haircut

Go behind the scenes and find out why “Jax” cut his hair for season 4 HERE.


Take an inside look into what the cast does in between seasons HERE.

Photos courtesy of H-D Facebook and FX/SOA.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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