So You Want to Be A Badass Biker? Motorcycle Clubs and Bike Gang Information

Bikers are like drivers, they come in all shapes, sizes and with their own set of preferences in their choice of mechanical conveyance.

Style over substance? Pure riding thrills? Racers? Bikers are as different as people are different, each one has his own set of prejudices and tastes, but there is one subset of  Biker Nation which has become homogenous, and more than a little notorious – The Gang Member.

They prefer, at least when they’re in a tamer mood, to be know as Motorcycle Club Members, but there are motorcycle clubs and there are Motorcycle Clubs.

We put together a little primer for you on the real outsiders, the last cowboys the true outer fringe of the motorcycling community. If you want to know what the real culture of motorcycle clubs is like, here are a few useful links that will give you an insight into the biker lifestyle.

These blogs might help the average Joe person to understand where the bikers are coming from, and may even where they’re headed.

 Twenty Four Essential Sites to Understanding What It Means To Be A Biker



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