Nanny State Catches Motorcycle Freak Doing Wheelies With His Three Year Old Video

Popping the occasional wheelie?

No problem.

But  pulling wheelies on your bike  with your  three-year-old son sitting on the gas  tank is going to get the attention of the Nanny State in Britain without doubt. And for this guy, it certainly did.

Ryan Ward, 23, rode without  a helmet and without a driver’s license with his toddler son in front of him
holding onto the handlebars, and the unnamed boy was not wearing a helmet or protective clothing. He watched out ahead as his father cranked on the throttle and ran the bike up to speeds approaching 40mph through Manchester.

The father and son team were first spotted waiting at traffic light and a police helicopter then moved in and trained its spy camera trained on Dad once he rode away. The airborne coppers watched as the bike ripped past parked cars and  Ward repeatedly lifted the front wheel of his bike off the ground doing a series of wheelies.

Ward was eventually arrested and faces jail time after he admitted dangerous driving, cruelty to a child under 16 and driving without a license.

One neighbor said: ”None of us could quite believe it when we heard what Ryan did. You would think he would be a bit more responsible when it comes to taking his lad out on a motorbike. But obviously it seems he couldn’t give two hoots for his or his own son’s safety.”

”He showed a blatant disregard for the rules of the road and has rightly been sentenced for his foolish and reckless actions.,’ said PC Andy Moore of Greater Manchester Police.

Ward was given bail – with a curfew – and ordered to surrender his passport while he waits to face sentencing on November 22.

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