Inspired to Draw 2

Hi Sideburners,
Still loving the blog, a fantastic window onto the world behind the mag and the brilliant maniacs who make the UKFT such fun to follow.
I noticed a sketch some time ago done by Paddy from France. It was great, loved it.
Scribbling bikes is something I’ve been doing rather a lot of recently and I’ve been sticking the results up on a small blog called Soulcraftcandy. Having tried the “if you can’t buy it, build it” approach some time ago with a street scrambler which you’ve seen, reasons have conspired to push me onto the next step along, “if you can’t build it, draw it”. here’s one directly inspired by your blog amongst other things.
If you fancy seeing more of the drawings got to Souldcraftcandy, there should be a gallery there.
Great to see you at Reilly Rocket the other night as well, there were some crackin’ bikes, real tasty burgers and I bought some mags too. Top evening.
Many thanks and all the very best

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