GNC 2011: It’s all over.

Back to back championships. Class act, Jake Johnson.Jake clinched the title it in style with a win.
How hard is Johnny Lewis trying? We have a big story on him in Sideburn 9. Johnny came fourth in the final, the top of three Kawasakis to make it into the main.
Brad Baker came second in the Main on the Lloyd Brothers Ducati (that’s featured in Sideburn 4). Gerrit Callies made the final on a KTM, too, making four different manufacturers in the H-D dominated 18-man race. Coolbeth, 9th at Pomona, 4th in the GNC Combined.
Jethro Halbert on the wonderful Wood BMW came fourth in his semi, so didn’t make the Main. We think this is only the first or second time the bike has raced in the GNC this year. With more development it’s obviously got potential. This bike and the story of Ron Wood is in Sideburn 3
Sammy Halbert pushed Jake all the way and came third in the Main. Halbert won the singles championship, was third in the twins title and was third by 1pt in the combined championship – behind Jared Mees.
Is this Aussie Mick Kirkness on the Bonneville Performance Triumph?
Another Aussie, 62 Luke Gough battling with Springfield winner, Willie McCoy. McCoy didn’t make the main here.
Chad Chose on a Suzuki.
Bryan Smith.
Sammy Halbert.
Two former champions, Jared Mees and Kenny Coolbeth.

Another former champion, not shown, was making his last ever pro race. Chris Carr was still on the pace, right to the end, coming seventh. Good luck with whatever you do next, Chris.
1 Jake Johnson 386
2 Jared Mees 370
3 Sammy Halbert 369
4 Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. 309
5 Chris Carr 243
6 Brad Baker 234
7 Johnny Lewis 199
8 Matt Weidman 197
9 Bryan Smith 189
10 Henry Wiles 162
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

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