finally its aligned….

Joe the owner of the 50 panhead and i decided that we would fit a new inch and a half bprimary drive and ditch the old 2 incher…there seemed to be some dodgy work done on the front pulley on the old one and to be honest i could never get it to run 100% true…always seemed to pull the belt an 1/8 out….

Anyways, we order a new drive set up and when i go to fit it seems the alignment is like half inch out….seems the previous owner had moved the gearbox over in order to accommodate a dodgy front pully that had been cut and rewelded….WHY!!!!!!
New gearbox plate, then pull hub, and sprocket and install a non offset sprocket and now its sweet…what a mess to clean up.
Fitted a more appropriate brake light switch also.
Im not looking forward to having to redo the exhaust to accommodate the new gearbox position…the kicker is surely going to hit….its all fun though.

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