Dick Mann Spotting

Garrett, wearing Dick Mann, with his Aermacchi
Travis, 747, chasing down the leader.
This is from Travis, one of our favourite Sideburn friends, about Garrett, one of our favourite Sideburn friends…

Yo G.
How goes it? Hope all is mighty fine.
I met Garrett at the local races in Erie at IMI last weekend. Seen him on the Sideblog before and of course upon meeting him I could tell by his character and bike he is the real deal. (who else reads Sideburn?)
Good times at the track as usual. Much. Newbold 747

Here’s the thing – Garrett is wearing one of Sideburn’s mythical Dick shirts, the first we ever did. We always say we’re not going to reprint any of our old designs, but I love that shirt (and lots of others, including Crazy Dave that sold out in a blink). It seems a bit daft not to reprint it. Or is that some sort of betrayal? Will owners of the original be miffed we reprinted? I haven’t discussed this with Ben, just thinking out loud. G

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