Conrad and the Long Day pt. 1

Last week I drove all over the place sorting out stuff for Project RE. This is Steve. He covered the seat for Sideburn’s Project FT and he’s covering one for our Royal Enfield. Highly recommended for everything from Harleys to Louis the XIV dining chairs. Give him a call on 07958 990962 if you need yours trimming. He’s also bring his gorgeous Katana to Rollerburn.
Vegans look away. These are stingray skins. The Royal Enfield’s getting the blue one.
There are loads interesting things hanging around in Steve’s garage.

Someone’s nicked your staplers.

Next stop: Geoff! Project RE! Co-Built pipe! It’s a beautiful job. Geoff welds Inconel exhausts for F1 cars. They’re amazing. If there was a world championship for welding, he’d be my bet.
From Geoff I was heading to the painter, but I called in on Kev from Spirit of the Seventies for a cuppa. He’d just picked up bodywork from Revolution, who painted the base coat of Project Royal Enfield. They’re busy with a new Bonneville project.
Kev designs Spirit’s projects. The finished bikes are incredibly similar to the designs he proposes months before.
Part 2 coming soon.

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