Caught Speeding Without A Motorcycle – When A Bad Day Turns Bad Ugly

You know you’re not having the best of days when you somehow manage to get a speeding ticket – while you’re not even in the saddle of your bike …

On the upside, both of these riders are still very much alive and now have some awesome photos of them getting cheesegrated along the highway at speed. On the downside, they both got some pretty serious tickets for their troubles and you can bet the fines were pretty hefty as well. When all’s said and done – and the tab for the broken plastic is paid in full – the consequences resulting from both of these crashes could clearly have been much, much worse.

The Dutch biker above set the high-water mark in the Netherlands for getting caught speeding by the cops on camera at 85 mph. It wasn’t that the speed was so impressive, it was that he earned his ticket while tumbling along the highway.

The 50-year old rider, whose name was mercifully withheld by the authorities, suffered a broken hand in the crash but avoided further charges as he wasn’t – technically at least – riding his bike when the incriminating photo was taken.


The Swiss biker above, one Boris Maier, 38, of  Bern, Switzerland, was clocked doing  a relatively modest 67 mph in a 50-mph zone. It was the spectacular dismount he managed that made him newsworthy. The offense he was actually charged for occurred while he was doing a sliding face plant some five feet away from his bike.

“It appears that he (Maier) suddenly saw the speed camera and lost control as he tried to slow down,” said a police spokesperson.

Maier may have only suffered scratches and bruises as a result of the accident, but the really good news is that he gets to keep his license as his belly-flopping braking technique saved him a few miles per hour in the speed trap.

A police spokesman said had Maier been travelling at 68 mph instead of 67 mph, he would have lost his license.

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