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New Zeata DT 0

New Zeata DT

Paolo from Zaeta DT has sent us exclusive news on the new Zaeta he is hoping will be finished for the huge EICMA show in Milan and then the not quite as huge, but wholly more interesting Rollerburn show in Newark. Looks amazing eh? G

Marco Simoncelli 0

Marco Simoncelli

We’re a good news site, but I couldn’t ignore the death of Marco Simoncelli. He was a star. Normal Sideburn blog service will be resumed soon. G

Conrad and the Long Day pt. 2 0

Conrad and the Long Day pt. 2

So, the long day continued. From Reading I drove into London at rush-hour. I had to drive because I’d picked up the Enfield project from Co-Built and the bodywork that had been painted. I was quite keen to see Conrad Leach’s new work, Paradise Lost at …

Conrad and the Long Day pt. 1 0

Conrad and the Long Day pt. 1

Last week I drove all over the place sorting out stuff for Project RE. This is Steve. He covered the seat for Sideburn’s Project FT and he’s covering one for our Royal Enfield. Highly recommended for everything from Harleys to Louis the XIV dining chai…

Junkyard Phantom 0

Junkyard Phantom

A few days ago we announced a chunk of the Rollerburn show bikes. Since then we’ve confirmed a bunch more we were chasing including the Junkyard Phantom – built by Shinya Kimura himself and, we’re told, featured in the Iron Man film. Can’t wait to see …

Motorcycho back in stock! 0

Motorcycho back in stock!

We had copies of Motorcycho, the world’s finest lame ass bikerzine, in stock and it sold out in a blink. We’ve got hold of more of the current issue, #25, plus a few issues of #24 and #23. Get yours here. G