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Garry Stuart Harley Pics 0

Garry Stuart Harley Pics

Springer on the Sportster Cup bike. We have a Who, When, Why interview with him in Sideburn 9.Back in my first full-time job in magazines, at Streetfighters back in 95, 96 -ish, I worked with Garry Stuart a few times. Back then he was travelling to Ame…

Matt Machine Movie 0

Matt Machine Movie

Sorry Matt, meant to post this more than a week ago already, but just been too busy bustin’ balls finishing off Sideburn #9. A fan of the Oz machine since his Norton Atlas first came to light in the showroom of (pre-phenomenon) Deus Ex Machina. All too…

Mule Storz up for auction 0

Mule Storz up for auction

From MuleHere’s a bike I’m selling at the Peterson Museum auction in Los Angeles on November 12th. It’s got 501 miles on the clock and every Storz option they make. It was one of the bikes that just moved around from show to show displaying all of the …

Wild Willow 0

Wild Willow

Imagine turning up with your bike to a local race and finding this lot have entered… Mees, Halbert, Lewis, Gough, Baker, Avila, Bauman, Kolkman…That’s what happened at the recent Eddie Mulder West Coast Dirt Track race at Willow Springs. Of course,…

GI on Killer Diller again 0

GI on Killer Diller again

I travelled up to Wigan on Tuesday for another guest slot on Sir Johnny Alpha’s Killer Diller radio show. I went with my good friend Paul Bryant (who shot Project FT for Sideburn 6’s cover) and he took some great photos.We played a mixture of garage pu…

RSD Desmo Tracker Finished 0

RSD Desmo Tracker Finished

Cycle World’s Mark Cernicky, a hell of flat track racer and a demon road test rider, sent us an email pointing us to this: the finished Roland Sands Designs Desmo Tracker. If you don’t know, one of Roland’s customers commissioned him to take the MotoGP…

KTM Street Tracker Concept 0

KTM Street Tracker Concept

Fantastic design from Ian in Italy…I was going through some work I’ve done over the years and found this old sketch, thought you guys might dig it. It was a quick concept for a flat track racer based on the then-new KTM 690SMC chassis with the induct…

Dr. Castle’s Freak Emporium 0

Dr. Castle’s Freak Emporium

The Stags annual Halloween extravaganza is this Friday in Wigan. It’s always something special. The Stags will be bringing their own brand of craperet to Rollerburn too. No two shows are ever the same though. G