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Dear Showclass… 0

Dear Showclass…

I will have some interesting photos for you in the next few days. Hope you dig em… If not it was still worth it! Posted- Jerimiah. Location:Bravetown.

Good times this weekend. 0

Good times this weekend.

We finished the fence in front of the shop, which makes us way more pro looking, haha. Did some Haints style dance floor maneuvers and got my first bottle broke over my head in an all out bar room brawl. It’s going to be a long winter. Posted using Bl…

Dave Herr 0

Dave Herr

Is one of my favorite people and I’m hyped to see what he does with his shovel. Indiana love. Good job my friend! – Posted Jerimiah. Location:Gravel Draggers

It’s time to say goodbye. 0

It’s time to say goodbye.

Its funny how shit works out, a little over a year ago i did the most epic wheelie ever, (probably 12 o’clock haha!) thru a crowd of people and thru Dave Cooks giant iron fence into two parked cars.. As of today ill have those two cars insurance compan…

My accident. 0

My accident.

So I got in a accident on my bike almost two weeks ago. A dual axle box truck ran a red light and I T-Boned him going about 40. Shoulda probably died but walked out of the hospital with bumps and bruises. Anyways, the dude ran from the scene but someon…

Ride To The Bride! 0

Ride To The Bride!

Our good friends Joe And Sarah decided to get hitched in Tennessee. It was By far the best trip I’ve ever taken on two wheels. Congrats Joe and Sarah Suta, we love you guys. Also check for way better photos.. – Jer…