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Oxford High School Shooting – 4th Victim Dead

By 10 a.m., the death toll had climbed. A fourth Oxford High student, 17-year-old Justin Shilling, died at McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, undersheriff Mike McCabe said. He added there also was a meeting with the prosecutor’s office and an update of the investigation is planned at 3 p.m. at...

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Joey Dunlop – The Best Motorcycle Road Racer of All Time and His Humanitarian Mission

William Joseph (Joey) Dunlop’s love of motorcycle racing ultimately cost him his life on July 2, 2000. But what a life it was. Dunlop, who was born in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland on Feb. 25, 1952, was affectionately known as ‘Yer Maun’ and ‘King of the Roads’ for his amazing racing exploits. To many racing fans […]


MV Augusta Brutale 1000rr

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Old Soren Motorcycle Co

Now you can enjoy the vintage look and style without worrying about breaking down. Old Soren perfected the look and performance for casual around-town cruising with 65mph speed and 65 mile range with a retail price of $6,499. Customers will be responsible for shipping costs or available for pickup in...


Rock Bands With Names That Begin With A

In keeping with our insistence on defining the minutiae of rock and roll throughout the decades, here’s a list of all the rock bands we could find with names that start with the letter ‘A.’ A’ La RockA.K.A.ABBAACDCADAJRAKAAZ.U.R.A-haAbandonedAbsolute ZeroAbiotAbrasive WheelsAcceleratorAcceptAccompliceAce Of Cups, TheActionActivesAdam and the AntsAdam BombAdictsAdler’s AppetiteAdrenaline FactorAdrenalineAdrian DodzAdrianGaleAdvertsAerosmithAffairAfterlifeAftermathAge...

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Older and Wiser Bikers? Maybe Not So Much

Does how long you’ve been on the road on your bike make you safer? Well, yes and no. You could argue, and lots of riders do, that the more experience you have on the road the less likely you are to be involved in something unfortunate, and there’s certainly some merit in that argument. Getting […]