Antigo, WI

Very tidy SV. Don’t know if it’s a 1000 or 650. Can anyone tell us? I’m thinking 1000 from the size of the downpipe.
Another ER-6. Becoming a very popular alternative twin to Harleys. Weird tank, though.
Stunning KR750. We don’t know the owner, but we love he believes in the saying ‘Ride it, don’t hide it.’ Dirt track was brakeless when this bike first competed.
From Chris in Wisconsin

Hi, my name is Chris and I have been a fan and follower of Sideburn for about a year now. A friend of mine picked up a copy of Sideburn for me at Fuel Cafe in Milwaukee WI and I have followed your blog ever since. First I want to say that you guys are
throwing together the best motorbike magazine I have ever seen. Also I wanted to drop off these photos that I took from a race I went to up in Antigo WI back in August. You will see that there were a couple of really cool bikes there and it was a really fast track, of special interest to you might be the pictures of the old Harley that was fun to watch and listen to (the interference through the PA system because of the old magneto ignition). Use the pictures if you like, I thought you might find them of interest. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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