Amanda Hutt artwork

Back in the early 1990s I was working on Motor Cycle News in England. The editor, (the now late) Peter Bolt, was generous enough to give me a weekly column (no, not a morally questionable disciplinary session in his office, but a full page for me to ruin). The best part of the whole deal was being able to commission a young artist called Amanda Hutt to illustrate my words. Given that I rarely thought about what I’d write about till the pressure of deadlines forced me to, it was pretty tough on her, having to turn around these lovely pieces of art in a couple of days. I think the last column I wrote was in about 1992.

Anyway, for my 40th birthday, my ever-thoughtful wife got in touch with Amanda and bought four of the original pieces (one photo came out badly and I’m too lazy to re-shoot it as it’s now under glass). Fantastic present, they’re about 2ft x 1ft (60cm x 30cm). They sat well-wrapped in a cupboard for six years, waiting for the right place to hang them. We moved house earlier this year and now I’ve got the perfect couple of walls. MP

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