A Motorcycle Truly Built to Scale

Riding enthusiasts in Tennessee cut through the dragon’s curves each day, and with 318 sharp bends and curves and situated at an elevation of 1760 ft above sea level, this 11 mile stretch of road is no joy ride.

The hazardous curves that give this road its handle are so famous there’s even a resort named after them.

Running through forested and mountainous areas, it’s little wonder that the Dragon’s Tail  is so popular with speed-freaks, sport bike aficionados and riders just out for a scenic cruise.

To do it right, you have to bring the right weapon – no knife to a gunfight stuff here – so is the right weapon a bike whose paint scheme echoes the moniker of it’s famous target?

You can be the judge of that.

An oh yeah, the Cashmere Sweater Look is tight…


Whether you ride a sport bike or an American cruiser, your insurance needs can get complicated.

We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance, whatever you ride…

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